Mow Wow is a New Animal in Humane Education.

The Mow Wow Animals online teaching curriculum is designed to activate students’ imagination while they learn about animals and the world around them. The bilingual K–5 lessons are infused with stories from world cultures, poetry, short videos, and hands-on enrichment. The values of respect and compassion are woven into each lesson with the goal of providing our youth with an ethical framework for a more caring society.

Why Mow Wow?

  • Aligns with K–5 content standards in language arts, science, and social studies.
  • Supports the California Code of Education’s Character Education requirement.
  • Encourages hands-on learning in digital research, peer learning, and community interaction.
  • Allows for versatility; lessons can be taught in 5–10 minute increments or over several days.

Many children gain emotional support and develop empathy from a connection with an animal who loves them unconditionally.

Yvonne Gavre / Founding Director, Buen Dia Family School, San Francisco

I commend and support PAHS’ humane initiatives…they have opened a dialogue and path of action for a kinder society.

California Assemblymember Kevin Mullin / Twenty-Second District, San Mateo