Using Mow Wow in the Classroom

The Mow Wow Animals humane education curriculum is divided into two grade levels. Each level contains three distinct units. The unit lesson can be used as an independent teaching tool or used to enhance existing curriculum. Lessons can be taught in a single class period, over several days, or in five- to 10-minute increments. Click here for more on Mow Wow.

Mow Wow

Level 1:  Grades K–2
Level 2:  Grades 3–5

Spanish Language Level 1: Grades K–2
Spanish Language Level 2: Grades 3–5

Each unit contains:

  • Lessons with a class reading and/or short animation
  • Interactive class discussion questions
  • Enrichment activities
  • Glossary and resources
  • California Standards alignment

Included Media:

Digital Book:  Trees Are Never Lonely
Short Film:  It’s A Dog’s Day (K–2, 10 minutes)