A Humane Education Curriculum For Grades K–5

Mow Wow Animals is an online learning program in humane education.

Did you say mow wow? Yes!

Mow Wow is a New Animal in Humane Education.

The Mow Wow Animals online teaching program recognizes the natural affinity that children have for animals. It is designed to activate students’ imagination as they learn about animals and the world around them and to encourage values of respect and compassion. The bilingual K­–5, lessons are infused with stories from world cultures, poetry, short videos, and hands-on enrichment activities.

Why Mow Wow?

  • Provides our youth with an ethical framework to create a more caring society
  • Aligns with K–5 content standards in language arts, science, and social studies
  • Supports the California Code of Education’s Character Education requirement
  • Encourages hands-on learning in digital research, peer learning, and community interaction
  • Supplies teachers with an easy-to-use, adaptable humane education curriculum

Let’s Get Started

To get started, click on the level below that fits your grade level:

The Mow Wow Animals humane education curriculum is divided into two grade levels. Each level contains three distinct units. The unit lesson can be used as an independent teaching tool or used to enhance existing curriculum. Lessons can be taught in a single class period, over several days, or in five- to 10-minute increments.

Each unit contains:

  • Lessons with a class reading and/or short animation
  • Interactive class discussion prompts
  • Enrichment activities
  • Glossary and resources

included media:

  • Digital book: Trees Are Never Lonely
  • Short film: It’s A Dog’s Day (K–2, 10 minutes)

Mow Wow is California Standards Compliant.

Mow Wow Animals was created by Carole Hyde with support from Palo Alto Humane Society. Lesson content by Teri Baldini, Leonor Delgado, Pamela Holway, Carole Hyde, Elliot Soper, and Susan Weisberg. Creative consulting by Susanna Michaels. Translations by Leonor Delgado. Illustrations by Briscoe Pelkey.

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